Good & Bad News…

Well, it looks as though the wildflower season may be ending rather soon. While out hiking this weekend along South Mountain the flowers are still there but were very dry and shriveled out. I think it may have been due to that one 90 degree day we had last week. They just couldn’t handle the heat.

This season was one of the best for viewing our beloved wildflowers. I think since last year we didn’t get any flowers, I appreciated them so much more this year. I don’t know about you but I feel like we had so many this year!

And while I’m a little sad they are dwindling away, I’m now excited because this is the time our cactuses start blooming! I have to admit, I love when cactus’s bloom, especially the saguaro’s.  Seeing a thorny scary looking cactus that has bright colored flowers blooming out is a magical site. It’s a flower you dare not pick but must only enjoy the view in the present moment of looking at it.

So, bad news….the wildflowers are going away but good news… the cactuses are blooming! The temperatures are still amazing so we still have a lot more time to hike and explore Phoenix before the heat of the summer is here.

Have you discovered any trails this year that has a ton of wildflowers or cactuses blooming? If so, do tell…


  1. The desert trail between North Mountain and Shaw Butte had some bright purple cactus blossoms when I was out there about ten days ago, but they weren’t quite as pretty last weekend for some reason.

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