Wildflower Season is here!

Wanna see some crazy wildflower action? Bartlett Lake has all the action. Okay, maybe “crazy” isn’t the right word…but there are a lot of flowers in that area.

One trail that is good for hikers of all skill level is the Palo Verde Trail #512. This trail goes along the shoreline of Bartlett Reservoir and round trip, is about 7.6 miles long. Although, on our journey we ended up not completing the entire length.

Wildflowers along Palo Verde Trail at Bartlett Lake

This trail begins at the Northern portion of Rattlesnake Cove Recreation Site. This area has a lot of picnic tables with grills and bathrooms.  As you approach the dock, you’ll see a trail sign indicating to turn left onto the trail.

Rattlesnake Cove Recreation Area

The path is narrow but a clear dirt trail that is easy to follow. Although easy, it is not necessary flat. There is a lot of small rolling up and down section that would make for a great road for a toy car. At other times there are also some gradual inclines. Again, nothing to hard but I don’t want you go out expecting just a flat surface.

Along the path you’ll see little sections of little beach areas where you can hear the calm lake ripples rolling in.  There are also a lot of wash areas you hike pass where the wildflowers grow up towards the sky.


This trail really makes you feel in tune with nature. While yes, there are boats and people around, the trail isn’t heavily used. Granted, during this wildflower time it’s busier than normal but the wildlife around doesn’t seem to mind. For such a short trail, we saw a lot of action and also came across very friendly hikers.


A Tonto Pass is required. You can purchase these at Big 5 Sporting Good stores or there is a station once you enter the park.

What are some of your favorite trails to see the wildflowers?


  1. Thanks for the great suggestion! My wife had multiple back injuries last year, so I’ve been looking for some longer but gentler trails for us. I think we still have an unused Tonto Pass at home somewhere.

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