Wildfires in Arizona are Growing

Arizona’s Wildfire Season is off to an intense start this year. We currently have 19 wildfires burning in the state and two of those are very close to Phoenix.

Around 3:00 pm today, June 18th a fire broke at around 63rd Avenue and Happy Valley. While it currently is burning along the side of the mountain, firefighters are working hard to protect the nearby houses.

The Woodbury Fire, in the Superstition Mountains is still burning. It has now grown over 40,000 acres and is only 6% contained, as of Tuesday, 6/18.

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  1. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/

    is a website that gives a “what we have, what’s going on and what’s planned” overview for each fire in the USA.

    There are other websites, but most are for the logistics and resource assignments for dealing with fires that most folks don’t find interesting.

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