Where to Hike in Arizona During the Summer

If you’re on a vacation during the summer to Phoenix with the intentions of exploring the hiking trails, I’m sorry to say but man, you are here at the worst time!

Even though you may hear people say, “it’s a dry heat” it’s still over 100 degrees every day and not suitable for hikers who are not used to hiking in this heat.

The summer heat in Phoenix is brutal

So, if this is you or you have visitors wanting to hike….your best option for hiking in Arizona is to head North.

The state of Arizona is unique in that it varies in elevation, resulting in different parts of the state experiencing all different type of weather at the same time. Places up North like Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon get snow during the winter, while two hours south Phoenix is bone dry in 70 degree weather with the sun shining.

Therefore, this works the opposite way as well, so when it’s over a hundred degrees in Phoenix, the city of Flagstaff will be a lot cooler with the temperatures ranging between the 70s – 80s.

Summer temperatures in Flagstaff range between a cool 70-80 degrees

For this reason, you’ll find the hiking trails deserted in Phoenix but the trails up North hustling and bustling with summer hikers.

Best Cities to Visit in Arizona During the Summer

All of these cities are about 2 -3 hours away from Phoenix, so they can make great day hikes for a quick escape from all that Phoenix heat!

What about for the Phoenix locals? Do you guys have any trail recommendations or favorite city up north you go visit?

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  1. I’ve got a golden retriever so we go to payson a lot during the summer, lots of creeks.. Horton Creek and Waterwheel falls are some our favorites

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