What to Do if You See a Mountain Lion

Typically, mountain lions are pretty chill and keep a low profile. This makes seeing a mountain lion rare and being attacked, even more rare.

But, just in case you run into one…it’s important to know how to handle the situation.

The first thing you need to remember is to remain calm and don’t panic.

Remain where you are and make sure that you facing the mountain lion.

Because here’s the thing…if you turn around or start running away from it, the mountain lion’s hunting reflex will kick in and it will start chasing you.

Think like when a cat chases around a red laser light pointer. Same thing. Only you’re the laser dot and a mountain lion is the cat. No bueno.

So to avoid all of this…do not bend down, look away or (heaven forbid) run away.

Hold your ground and make eye contact with this desert cat. Let them know that you are not scared but instead, it should be scared of you.

If this fails to intimidate and the mountain lion starts walking towards you, make loud noises and flay your arms up in the air. Do anything you can to make yourself look bigger, but remember to continue facing the mountain lion.

Throwing rocks at it may be good idea….but remember that if you bend down it may attack due to the shrunken size you’ve created. Sometimes, if they see you bending, they assume you’re a four legged animal, instead of an upright two legged human.

If the mountain lion is actually attacking you…yes, throw whatever you can at it and you need to start fighting it.

For this reason, it may be a good idea to carry mace with you. This way you can just tuck it into your side pocket and will have it handy within arms reach.

Using mace will definitely stop the animal from attacking you, and results in no real harm to you or the mountain lion.

So while this occurrence is extremely rare, it’s important to always be prepared and know how to handle the situation before it appears.

What to Do if You See a Mountain Lion

  • Remain Calm
  • Remain Standing
  • Face the mountain lion
  • Make eye contact
  • Make yourself bigger by putting arms in the air
  • Make loud noises

If Being Attacked

  • Throw rocks
  • Fight it off, by any means possible

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  1. I’m going to Arizona for the first time and am worried about mountain lions. Thank you for the read. Now i know what to do ,hope I don’t encounter one.

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