Watch the Phoenix Sunsets from Dobbins Lookout

While there are numerous places in Phoenix to watch the epic sunsets in Phoenix, there is one place that allows visitors to hike to or drive to. This place is known as Dobbins Lookout located on South Mountain. It’s a perfect destination for watching the sunrise or the sunset.

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If hiking you will take Holbert Trail to Dobbins Lookout. Roundtrip, this moderate trail is about 5 miles long. It’s a great hike and being at Dobbins Lookout is a great reward for all that hiking. Or if you prefer to drive you can follow Central Ave. down towards South Mountain, where the street enters the South Mountain Park and Preserve. Follow the signs along this main road and it will take you right up to Dobbins Lookout.

At the lookout, you will find a little stone hut sitting along the top of the peak. You can enter this hut to watch the sunset, or there are multiple benches outside the hut to sit and relax. From here, you get an entire view of downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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View from inside the hut

While this area can be crowded at certain times, there is always a spot to find to relax and take in the view. Or if you want some alone time, there are a few areas you can walk to that is away from the crowd.

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What about you? Do you know of any good places to view the sunset in Phoenix?

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