Tips for Hiking Motivation

We’ve all experienced it at some point or another. You said you were going to go hiking this weekend but then for one reason or another, you ended up just not going. You vow to yourself that next weekend you are going no matter what. Only then, you realize you got busy and ended up not going again. This cycle can constantly repeat itself, until you are left one weekend regretting all that missed time you could have been hiking.

Sometimes, we all need a little motivation, even when it comes to doing something we usually love to do like hiking. Below is a list of tips to find that motivation, so you never miss a hike again.

  1. Plan It Out – if you figure out what trail you want to do before the actual day of, this will make you better prepared and more eager to go.
  2. Pack Your Bag the Night Before – By organizing your things and getting your pack ready the night before, this makes it a whole lot easier the day of, to just grab it and go.
  3. Reward Yourself – Set a hiking goal for yourself and when you hit that goal, reward yourself with a massage, new hiking shoes or whatever else will inspire you.
  4. Join a Group – sometimes if people are relying on you then you feel like you absolutely have to show up and hike. There are groups you can find on meetup or even Facebook.
  5. Don’t Think About It, Just Do it. – Sometimes, (especially early in the morning on a weekend) you’re just not feeling it. But remember that within 5 minutes of being outdoors on that trail, you’re going to be so happy you went.

Hopefully these tips work for you. Or if you have any to add, feel free to leave a comment and tell us how you motivate yourself.

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