The Land Remains – Earth Day 2020

The Earth. For the past few years, everyone has been concerned with our home.

From politics, to businesses, to activists, it seems like everyone is either taking from the Earth or trying to save it. But, this year during the COVID – 19 Corona Virus pandemic, Earth Day it feels a bit more emotional than previous years.

This Earth Day, the focus is on how we have really have an affect on this planet. By everyone in the world staying home, the Earth has finally had a break. A break from human technology and interference.

And, the land and the other living creatures seem to be really thriving without our interference.

So for this Earth Day, let’s focus on some amazing and fun positives that have occurred during this outbreak:

Earth’s Animals

Last month during the beginning stages of our self quarantines, the Phoenix zoo animals seemed to enjoy the much needed solitude. In fact, zookeepers have witness less anxiety and more playful activity among the animals. Their job of trying to take care and keep the animals engaged became a lot easier, when humans viewers were taken out of the equation.

Just look at the love connection that occurred between two giant pandas in Hong Kong. For the past 10 years, zoologist have been trying to have these two panda’s mate…but the act was never done. Once humans stopped gawking at them through the window…these two panda’s FINALLY got their freak on!

Look at that little panda smile 🙂

Or how about the video of the penguin that went viral? The Chicago aquarium, gave the penguins free range to the tropical fish area…and these penguins had the best reactions to seeing fish through a glass window.

How great is that?

Last week this picture of the lions napping along the cool pavement came out. I mean, can these cats get anymore relaxed?

Although, the biggest positive impact that our stay at home orders are producing in the Earth….is clear air.

The Beautiful Air and Sky

Here in Phoenix, the haze has soften and the mountains look clear from afar. (I told my sister the only day, that I’m sure you now can see the Grand Canyon from Humphrey’s Peak)

The biggest shock though was in Los Angeles. After years of pollution and smog, it only took a few weeks of no cars on the road, to clear the air.

Or how about this most recent viral picture, of India clear skies?

My hope for this Earth Day, is that more people accept how our technological actions affect the climate and how if we want the human race to remain here, we have to think differently on our actions.

Hopefully, from this tragic Corona virus, meaningful outcomes emerge from all of the suffering.

In closing, one thing I know from years of hiking is that our land is extremely resilient. But the more you respect her and and take effort to keep her clean, she’ll look after you as well. There’s an energy.

It was here before us.

It will be here long after us.

The Land Remains.

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