The Day Flat Iron Beat all the Hikers

This past weekend, it actually snowed around the Phoenix area. Well, let me rephrase that…

It snowed on the tops of the mountains around the Phoenix area.

Due to this, all different types of hikers could be found up in the mountains to get a chance to play in the snow, which we so rarely get.

Sample 3
Flat Iron is that big cliff in the center

Me? I actually had plans with my sister, Mel to hike up to Flat Iron. We are preparing for our backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon and trying to do a lot of hiking with our packs on. Seeing as how this hiking trail is one of the most difficult in the Phoenix area, we figured if we could make it up Flat Iron we could make it up the Grand Canyon.

We’ve made it up to Flat Iron before, but doing it with our packs on is a completely different experience. This trail is very steep and requires scrambling in certain areas.

The further up we went the more ice and snow started appearing. While this was beautiful to see, due to the steepness of the trail it also became pretty scary.

Sample 4

For me, a hiker in Phoenix, I’ve never hiked on ice before, let alone hiked a steep difficult trail on ice. So, needless to say, when we began to feel uncomfortable, we turned around.

In fact, a lot of hikers turned around. I don’t think anyone made it up Flat Iron last weekend. Which maybe is just what that mountain needed. A little rest from all the hikers coming up!

In fact, I was quite happy to see other hikers turning around. Knowing your limits, is the most important rule of hiking. Well, that and pack extra water!

If you get the gut feeling that something isn’t right….chances are that it isn’t. You don’t need to push for glory while hiking. If anything, pushing for glory is only asking for trouble and negative attention. Sometimes, you just are not able to complete a trail. And that’s okay. It gives you another reason to take on the challenge again in the future!

Sample 2
Me & Mel in front of an unexpected waterfall


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