The Balance of Life Found in Hiking

Last Friday, on Halloween I received upsetting news that my cat, Celeste (whom I’ve had for 14 years) has cancer. I was told to take her home and make her as comfortable as possible because there is nothing that could be done.

After getting home, making her comfortable and simply crying my eyes out with this unexpected news, I decided that I needed to hike. I needed some me time. I needed to clear my mind and be one with nature.

It wasn’t a difficult decision to decide what trail to do. Kiwanis. It’s my favorite trial so far, because it’s really chill. Not a lot of people on it. It’s not too difficult, and it’s not too easy. It lets me be able to look around at nature and still walk at the same time.

As I hiked, taking the deep breaths of fresh air and the listening to the sound of indie rock thru my ear buds, I saw butterflies flying all around. I saw a chipmunk greeting me on a rock. I saw numerous lizards running around and then freezing in place as I approach closer to them.

I saw life. I saw the sun shining. I saw the grass looking much greener than usual due to the recent flooding’s.

Then I started seeing that orange glow of the sun was going down and sunset beginning to set in.

And with that, I began to think… I’m actually surrounded by death. Once this sun goes down this peaceful desert scene will change. The scorpions will crawl out from their hiding spots. The coyotes will trot around in their packs and howl at the night sky looking for prey. And who knows what the rattlesnakes and Gila monsters will be doing? But they’re out there. They are all in the desert with me right now.

The balance is there. As I’m on this trail I’m teetering between life and death, because at any minute anything could happen…


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