Thank You for a Great 2018!

As 2018 is dwindling down I wanted to take a few minutes and show my appreciation for all of those who subscribed to this site or those who are reading this right now. This was the first year I decided to create a more professional look and feel to the site. I’m really glad I was able to figure out how to incorporate the hiking trail maps! I hope that’s a useful tool for you.

man with fireworks

While, I feel this site still needs a lot of work, I appreciate all of the followers and all those who love to read about travel and hiking. I hope to bring a better designed site in 2019 and a lot more trail writeups!

I hope you are ending 2018 on a good note and joyfully look forward to 2019!

I’ll be doing my traditional New Year’s Day hike on Kiwanis Trail and hope to see you out there!

Happy Trails & Happy 2019!!




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