Survival: What To Do If You Run Out of Water in the Desert

Every year there are a lot of incidents of hikers running out of water, while out on the Phoenix trails. Typically, these hikers are unprepared visitors who are unknowingly not acclimated to our desert landscape conditions.

The Best Rules to Follow:

Always bring water, and then bring extra water

Turn around and head back, once your water is half gone.

If you find yourself way out on a hiking trail with absolutely no water, then you’re in a really dangerous situation.

Some people just think they could cut open a cactus and get water that way. Well, I got some bad news….that’s a desert myth. So put your knife away, because yes, while cactuses store water, it’s not like it will all come pouring out of the cactus. You can’t rely on this to replenish your thirst.

You cannot drink water from a cactus.

You cannot drink water from a cactus.

If you are seriously in need, then the only real option you may or may not have is to search the area for signs of water. Look for wash areas or areas with lush green plant-life. This is a sign that there may be a some water in the ground.

Your best bet is to always pack extra water.

I mean, this is the desert. There’s not a lot of water of here. So the only real option is to pack extra water and head back, if you’re running low.

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