Summer Safety Wrap Up

The week has come to an end, which means that our Summer Safety Hiking Week is drawing to a close. For all of you subscribers, I am so thankful to all of you. I really hope you liked the articles and learned something new. Or if you already knew it all, then I hope it was great refresher.

While technically it isn’t summer yet….the temperatures are saying otherwise. With this said, it’s extremely important that we take care of ourselves while out on our summer adventures. So please share your knowledge with other hikes who may not be as aware.

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To enter follow @hikephoenix on Instagram, find this post pictured below and like it. Then tag someone in the comments. That’s all you have to do. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 12th.

There’s still time to win this prize! Look for this post on our IG account for rules! @hikephoenix

In case you missed any post from our Summer Safety Week here is a recap:

I hope you enjoyed this week of safety. Please pass along the knowledge to other hikers as well.

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