Looking for a Get Away from the Heat? Check out Sedona’s West Fork Creek Hiking Trail

Looking for a quick day hike get-away for this upcoming weekend? While it may be getting hotter in Phoenix the temps is Sedona will be perfect!

So, if your looking to get away for a day, check out Sedona’s West Fork Creek Trail.

This trail has numerous creek crossing, which makes it the perfect summer hike to get cooled down!

While the maintained trail is 8 miles roundtrip, it does venture out further on an unmaintained trail for another 11 miles.

For you backpackers out there…you are allowed to backpack three miles after the maintained trail stops. (So it would be 7 miles one way into the trail)

This is a perfect trail for beginner backpackers, seeing as how the creek will be right there for water and your not that far away from civilization.

You will not regret doing this hike. It is completely magical! My only advice would be to wear hiking sandals, or be prepared to get those hiking boots wet!

Happy Trails!

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