Strawberry Full Moon

The last full moon of Spring will be arising above the horizon on Friday, June 5th. This full moon is known as what the Algonquin tribes named it, the Strawberry Full Moon. During this time, in the north east, a quick but plentiful strawberry season will be occurring.

Although the date for this full moon is on Friday, we will still be able to see it arise once again on Saturday night, just in time for National Trails Day.

Photo Cred: Farmer’s Almanac

Full Moon Horoscope

If you’re into that sorta thing, this full moon will be in Sagittarius. This full moon will affect all zodiac signs, with feeling a sense of reflection and figuring out new things that you will need to learn.  

Also, in addition, typically a full moon is also a time to reflect upon your own desires and dreams and let go of that which is not serving you.

Planets Nearby

As the moon rises about 15 minutes after sunset, the planet Mercury should be hanging around.  Try to see if you’re able to spot it, or a star app might be better at pointing it out for you.

Strawberries Are On Sale

I just checked this weeks Fry’s ad….and yes…Strawberries are on sale! In fact they are 2lbs for $1.49.

So, on your way to the hiking trails, stop and get some strawberries for a very fitting snack and enjoy our beautiful night sky.

Full Moon over South Mountain

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