South Mountain Silent Sunday

Reminders for Hikers on South Mountain:

Tomorrow, June 9th South Mountain will be having Silent Sunday occur from 5am – 10 am.

On Silent Sunday the park shuts down the roads for all motor vehicles. This allows bikers and hikers the opportunity to enjoy the park without all the car noise and fear of being struck by a driver going too fast.

Roads are closed off to motor vehicles during Silent Sundays on South Mountain

Typically, Silent Sundays always occurs on the fourth Sunday of the month and last all day from 5 am to 7 pm.

Throughout this year they are now testing out this pilot schedule of keeping the fourth Sunday as being all day, but the other Sundays in the month, the roads will be closed from 5 am – 10 am.

For us hikers, this somewhat affects what trails we do. While all the other trailheads operate like normal, a few trails that you typically would drive on the main road to get to; such as Kiwanis and Ranger trails are now harder to reach.

Rumor is, is that last year there was a bad accident involving a car and a biker. For this reason, bikers asked the park to give them more than just one day a month to be able to bike on the road without fear of getting hit. The park has listened to those concerns and are now testing out some options.

What do you guys think? Does Silent Sunday affect you and your hiking decisions? Any other suggestions the park could do to keep both sides happy?

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