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Signs of Dehydration


Whenever you start a hike, you’re likely feeling good.

Well, I mean if it’s early morning you may feel a little groggy or tired…but we know a few minutes on the trail and we’ll be feeling the energy.

But…sometimes along the hike we may start to not feel that well. And usually here in Phoenix, it’s likely due to the heat and lack of moister in the air. I mean, it is a dry heat, right?

Being dehydrated is one of the worse things you can experience. So, in order to avoid this, below are some signs of dehydration you should be aware of:

Mild to Moderate Signs


If you start to feel any of these symptoms then it’s probably best you turn around on the trail and start to head back. Or if it’s feeling mild, then start drinking some water! And if it’s getting worse then the best option is to turn around. If your experiencing severe signs then it’s best to seek medical help.

Remember a smart hiker knows their limits and turns around when they need to.

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