Save the Date! Last Full Moon of 2019

How many full moon hikes have you been on this year?

If you’ve never hiked on a full moon, you are missing out. As the bright, round moon rises up from the horizon, you don’t even need a telescope to see its craters.

On a clear night, a headlamp isn’t even needed to see the hiking trail. The moon light, alone does the job of illuminating the earth under a sunless sky. The sounds of coyote howls echoing from within the mountain range and the fluttering of bats overhead, brings a metaphysical energy to the night.

On a full moon, all creatures on the Earth are aware whether they know it or not.

Coming up soon, on Wednesday, December 11th, the last full moon of 2019 will be rising up. So, now is your chance to plan ahead to make it for the show!

Where To Go and What Time?

The moon rises in the East and typically occurs a few minutes after sunset.

Therefore, the best place to be is somewhere with an open view to the East…but also the West. This way you can watch the sun go down while the moon comes up.

Not going to lie….most of the best spots…are also the popular spots. But, if you don’t mind the crowds…get to it!

Echo Trail – (difficult rating)

Cholla Trail – (difficult rating)

Peralta Trail – (moderate rating)

Pyramid Trail – (moderate rating)

Or find a spot on a trail that gives you this viewpoint. Sometimes, the best places are not of the summits, but just a wide open space that gives you this view.

December Full Moon

The December full moon, actually goes by three different names:

  • The Cold Moon
  • The Long Night Moon
  • The Moon Before the Yule

In December, the full moon sits out longer on the horizon, seeing as how the nights are longer. Not to mention, the sky will also be at its darkest.

The name, Cold Moon refers to the chilly temperatures in December. While other parts of the country may experience colder temperature in other months, it’s typically in December that Arizona experiences its coldest temperatures. So this name is very fitting for an Arizona moon!

Again, Wednesday, December 11th is the full moon, but you’ll want to be in a spot to watch the show, around sunset. So, wear some warmer hiking clothes, settle down and watch the Cold Moon rise as the last full moon of 2019.

Any suggestions or favorite trails that you have?

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