Ruth Hamilton Trail

Distance: 2 Miles (Roundtrip)
Rating: Moderate
Location: Phoenix Mountain Preserves #304 Trailhead
7200 N. Squaw Peak Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85016

In the Phoenix Mountain Preserves, you’ll see the majority of hikers on the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail, which is an fun trail…but sometimes  you just need a bit of solitude; which is why we are glad trails like the Ruth Hamilton Trail exist.

Located at the very end of the Phoenix Mountain Preserves Park, you will bypass all the Piestewa Peak hikers and find this 2-mile (roundtrip) hike snaking out towards the western edge of the Phoenix Mountains.

The Ruth Hamilton Trail begins on the Nature Loop Trail, towards the right of the col de sac parking lot. Follow along the Nature Loop Trail for about two or three minutes, where you will see the trail marker for the Ruth Hamilton Trail appear on the right side.

In short, this trail goes up a peak, down the peak and then tampers off ending along the Western side.

This beginning portion of the trail immediately leads you right up this peak.

Flat brown earth will be under your feet, while the incline resembles the real-life experience of an inclined treadmill. A few areas have brown boulders sticking up from ground that you will have to step around and/or over. Nothing too bad, although it does get your heart pumping.

Once at the top, there is a bench to catch your breath on while enjoying the views of what you just climb up.

As you continue further along, the path will now go down the other side of the peak. Unlike the beginning section, the path becomes wider and is easy to get down.

It’s here at this point of the trail, that everything feels more peaceful and quieter. The number of hikers likely will have dwindled away as you continue straight along the wide path through this mountain valley.

The route now gently descends down, ending near a neighborhood. It’s here at this section where some more trail signs and memorials can be seen, reminding us of our past residents who loved and inspired these hiking trails.

The Ruth Hamilton Trail is a great hiking route that’ll get your heart pumping but ends with a nice relaxing cool down with a peaceful stroll through this mountain range. So if your looking for a moderate trail with a good workout but also some peacefulness, this trail is for you.

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