Round Up of Weekly Hiking News & Updates

As we grow more and more cabin fever in our current COVID-19 world, the weather has warmed up here in Phoenix and by 11:00 am, it already feels like July. How does the hot weather get here so quick?

However, unlike July, our mornings are gorgeous. The cool breeze hits against your skin and during sunrise the hiking trails will still have a lot of shade on them. Although, unfortunately you do have to wake up pretty early. I’m talking like 5 – 6 am early. But trust me, that within a few minutes into the hike, you’ll have no regrets at all with the early morning alarm clock.

Hiking News

We’ve had a little bit of action within our hiking news for this week.

Missing Hiking Teen Found

This past Saturday morning, a teen had separated from their hiking group along South Mountain early in the morning. Luckily, the man was able to navigate his way through the Phoenix desert and is now home safely.

Man Bit by Rattlesnake on South Mountain

Last week and man in his 50s was airlifted off of South Mountain, when he was bit by a rattlesnake. The man was feeling dizzy, so the rescue team decided to use a helicopter to get him off the mountain. He is expected is recover from this incident.

Which, brings me to an important message.


We Are in Rattle Snake Season

Western Diamondback

As we are hiking, during this season it’s important to listen and watch the trails for rattlesnakes. This is the season, so pay attention and as always keep dogs on leashes, so they do not get accidentally bit. Remember, rattlesnakes are more scared of you and only bite when they feel threatened.

For more rattlesnake info check out What To Do If You See a Rattlesnake & Rattlesnake Tips & Safety

Upcoming Events

Granite Mountain Hot Shot 7th Year Anniversary

Next month, on June 30th marks the 7 year anniversary of the tragic incident of the Granite Mountain Hot Shot Crew. The 20 man crew of Hot Shots were working to extinguish a wild fire along Granite Mountain in the town of Yarnell, as they were clearing, the wind made an unexpected turn, causing the fire to encompass the men, resulting in 19 of their deaths.

To honor their heroic memories, The Hotshots and Journey Trail was created.

This is a 7-mile round trip hike has stops along the path, showing pictures and giving hikers information about the perished hot shots. The Journey Trail, allows hikers to walk the same path those brave men did that day, and ends at their final resting place. While this trail is no doubt emotional, it is a great tribute to these men and their families.

This would be a great time to hike the trail before the real summer heat kicks in.

June 3rd – Full Moon

Want to go for a night hike under the glow of the full moon? During the hot Phoenix heat, hiking at night is a great option. And there is no better experience than doing it on a full moon.  Friday, June 3rd will be the next full moon. To watch it rise, make sure the trail you are on is facing East.


Armchair Explorer Podcast

Have you decided to stay in throughout this whole Corona Virus pandemic, but fear missing out on adventures? If so, check out the podcast, Armchair Explorer. Travel writer, Aaron Millar brings listeners on unforgettable adventures, all from the comfort of your home. From deep sea diving with sharks, to summiting Everest he interviews some great outdoor junkies. You definitely need to check out, if you’re a podcast fan.

One thing that’s for sure is that it’s only going to get hotter out there. So these next few weeks may be the last opportunities to hit some Phoenix trails before the real summer hits us. As always, please stay safe, stay healthy and stay curious in your outdoors adventures.

Happy Trails, guys!