Regain Balance with March 2022 Full Moon

Full Moons.

Every month we have them (sometimes twice!) and yet when was the last time you looked up and saw it?

If you’re having trouble remembering or if you’re thinking it was a while ago…then it’s time to mark your calendars, my friends.

Full Worm Moon

Each monthly Full Moon has a different name and theme to it.  For March, its known as the Full Worm Moon.

“Why Worm?!” you might be thinking…

Well, this is a time when we are emerging out of winter and into the warmth of Spring. Therefore, the grounds defrosting, and life begins waking up again. And yea…worms are finally thawing out and coming to the surface… hence “Worm”.

While this Full Moon is close to the Spring Equinox (March 21st) it will actually be the last moon to occur during Winter 2022. But, since this is so close to the Equinox, this is an excellent time to reflect on balance in life.

Highest Peak

This month, the Full Moon will peak on March 18th, 7:17 AM (GMT).  

If you want max energy power from the moon, then yes, plan your hike at exactly this time. However, if you party a little too hard from the night before (St. Patty’s Day) or you just can’t seem to get out of bed that early in the morning…the days surrounding the 18th, will work just as well.

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Every Full Moon is a great time to create a ritual for yourself.

“What Kind of Ritual?!”, I can hear you asking.

Well, really anything you want.

Maybe it’s just to set a monthly routine to hike around this time. Maybe it’s doing a monthly spa night.  Or maybe its a time for some quiet and deep reflection.

As I mentioned before, this time is occurring around the Spring Equinox when our planet, is literally coming into balance.

The Earth is preparing to blossom now. It’s taking the steps, planting the seeds, creating the water that is needed. Why not hop on the train and take time to plant seeds for your future.

Below are some suggestions if you do want to do some journaling or meditations on this upcoming Full Moon.

Journal Prompts

Where can you find more Balance in Your Life?

  • How do you want to Grow as a person this Month?
  • Make a list of the things you are thankful for.
  • What New Intentions do you want to set during this month?
  • What old intentions are no longer serving you?
  • How will you let the old intentions go?
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