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Rattlesnake Tips and Safety


If you’re a hiker in Arizona, then chances are you have or will eventually see a rattlesnake while hiking. I know I’ve had a few encounters and it was a shocking experience. Luckily, I had some knowledge of what to do and it helped me remained calm during the encounter. So, hopefully these tips will help you if you ever encounter a rattlesnake.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

First thing, I just need to say that rattlesnakes want to be left alone. If you see one please do not try to approach. Stop where you are at and then back up. The snake will understand that you are not a threat and it will move on. People typically get bit when they try messing with the snake to either move it or to kill it. There’s never a good reason to do this, just let the snake be and it’ll get out of your way.

Typically the times to see a rattlesnake will be during the months of April to October, and they do come out more at night.

Now, let’s just say you didn’t see that snake and now you’ve been bitten! Now what? Well, below are some tips for how to handle being bit by a rattlesnake:

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