Places for Fall Colors Near Phoenix

Fall in Phoenix is a joyous time. The summer heat has dissipated and the cool fall breeze fill our hiking lungs. Time to get out of the air conditioning and back into nature, for the next 9 months!

But, while we are excited to finally be able go outside and hike during the day, we do miss out on the big seasonal changes of summer turning into fall.

The leaves on our trusty mesquite and palo verde trees remain green. The needles on our cactuses remain stuck where they are. And, it’s still common to see hikers in shorts and tank tops, instead of pants and flannels.

While the temperature is cooler….it can still look like summer out there.

But, this doesn’t mean that miss out.

Phoenix is only a few hours away from the Arizona high country, where the real fall season is occurring. The northern cities, like Payson, Sedona and Flagstaff are all places Phoenicians flock to for our thrill of buttoning up the flannel and seeing the fall colors.

According to our sources….this weekend is the PRIME time during the 2019 season to explore the Fall colors.

So, forget that “To Do” list and your weekend errands. Instead go out and enjoy the fall colors before it’s too late.

Here are some great areas to explore:


By far….Flagstaff is the place to see the drastic color changes.

Locket Meadow

Locket Meadow, is likely going to be the busiest area but that’s because it’s the most drastic area. Most of the pictures you see in all the Arizona magazines….are taken from Locket Meadow. Be warned though….the route to get to Locket Meadow is a narrow two way road that involves heading up a curvy mountain side that can be a little intimidating.

Snow Bowl Area

The Snow Bowl area is easy to get to and has numerous options for us Fall enthusiasts.

For us hikers, the Kachina Humphrey’s Peak trails will put us right in the thick of the forest to marvel at the fall colors. Or if your more into seeing the colors, via aerial view, the Fall Scenic Chairlift will glide you over the aspen trees, along the ski lifts to enjoy the panoramic views (weather permitting).


Does it get any more gorgeous seeing those fall leaves against the red rock background? West Fork Creek Trail is the ultimate photographers place to be. While this trail follows and crosses over the West Fork Creek beautiful scenes of the reflecting canyon and leaves are easy to come by.

Or if you want to avoid the crowds, just simply drive up to these areas and discover your own adventure. Lots of fall leaves can be seen via road side views….just be sure to get out of the car and breathe in that crisp air. The “To Do” list will be waiting when you come back, or hell….just throw it out. You’ll get to it, when you get to it.

For now, walk around, explore and enjoy this special time when the seasons are changing.

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