Pet Safety While on Phoenix’s Hiking Trails

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.” – Kinky Friedman

During the summertime in Phoenix, the temperatures are so hot that it becomes dangerous to take your pets hiking.

No Dogs Allowed on Trails When Temps reach 100 or More Degrees

In fact, so many incidents occurred over the years, that in 2016 the City of Phoenix implemented new rules, stating that no pet is allowed on hiking trails once the temperature reaches 100 or more degrees.

If caught disobeying this rule, dog owners can be fined up to $2,500 and receive 6 months jail time.

Leash Your Pets

You always want to make sure your dog is leashed and that you pick up after them. This ensures everyone’s safety and cleanliness on the trail.

Keep Pets Leashed while on Hiking Trails

Water & Treats

Always bring extra water and treats and/or food for your dog as well. Just like us, they need hydration and food for energy along the trails.

I’ve seen some hikers with dog bowls that are collapsible, so it easier to carry around in your pack.

Paw Protection

While the pads on our pets feet help to maneuver them over rocks along the trails, it doesn’t protect them from the heat of the desert ground.

When it’s a hot day and you plan on taking your dog out (even if just around the neighborhood) always feel the ground to see how hot it is. Even in the evening when it’s cooling down, the ground can still be holding onto the heat. So, it’s best to check! We don’t want their little paws to get hurt.

The last thing to remember, is to pay attention to your dogs behavior. Even if your not hiking, a dog can be accessible to heat stroke just from spending a small amount of time outside..

Heat Stroke in Dogs

Signs of heat stroke can be:

  • increase heart rate
  • heavy panting
  • loss of coordination

Or if you notice your dog is just acting weird in general. Remember, they have a lot of fur and if you think it’s hot…imagine how they feel.

Show your furry hiking partners, how much you love them by keeping them safe this summer. Always, supply fresh water daily and keep them indoors when it’s hot outside.


  1. Nice blog. I do most of my hiking on North Mountain and too many people with dogs on this trail have them unleashed. Apparently their dogs doesn’t apply to the rules. I was hiking up the back of the mountain about a year ago. It was steep and I was on the edge of the mountain because that’s where the trail was. This large Irish setter came hauling down the hill heading directly towards me. I stopped in place. The dog nearly fell off the side of the mountain trying to avoid running into me. I just don’t get why dog owners think this is ok.

  2. That’s a really dangerous situation that pet owner put you and their pet in. I think some of this owners, just don’t get it!

    I ran into a woman in the beginning of Spring that had her dog off leash and the dog was literally running around everywhere! I reminded her that it was rattlesnake season and that she probably would want to leash her dog and him on the trail.

    She gave me a weird look and then acted like she was about to leash him. But then I ran back into her again and her dog was off leash. I really felt bad for the dog! I didn’t want that poor thing to accidentally get bit.

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