National Trail Trek 2019

This year marks the 23rd annual National Trail Trek at the South Mountain Park and Preserve. This event is put on to give hikers the opportunity to hike the  mountain’s longest trail, National which is about 15.2 miles long. This route travels along the entire length of South Mountain. Not many hikers can say they have hiked the entire thing but the National Trail Trek gives you an easy opportunity to complete it.

You will have to register for this event and the spaces are limited.

Registration opens up at 10:30 am on Tuesday, November 27th. It sells out within minutes, so if your are interested in registering check out this link and create an account and then add the event to your wish list. That way on day of the registration, at exactly 10:30 when it opens, be online and add this to your cart and buy it. The price for registration is $65.

**NOTE – due to the amount of people logging into the registration site at the same time, the park’s websites have had some issues in the past. Please get yourself familiar with the registration link and feel comfortable navigating around the site. This is a city run site, so it’s not the most user friendliest and efficient site. Again, remember to be prepared and logged in at exactly 10:30 day of registration.**

The actual day of the event will take place on January 19, 2019.

On the day of the National Trail Trek you will be given a wristband from the park that lets them know you are participating in this event. This wristband is your access pass to the shuttles, food and water.

The park provides the transportation, food and water for you!

National 10

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Here’s how it works:

The day begins at the main entrance off of Central Ave at South Mountain Park and Preserve. The shuttles will be waiting near Holbert Trail. Also, this is where the park provides a light breakfast, or a chance to get some hiking snacks for your journey. Once you are good on food, you can get in the shuttle and it’ll take you to the Pima Canyon Trailhead, located on the Eastern end of the mountain.

The shuttle drops you off and the hike begins! After each group of hikers leave the shuttle, there will rangers and other medical certified workers who follow behind the group. For this reason, if someone gets injured or needs assistance, help is not far away.

The halfway point is located at Telegraph Pass, which is about 7 miles into the trail. At this point, lunch will be served. Typically it will be a sandwich or a wrap of some sort. Chips, energy drinks and fruit may also be served. If for some reason you are unable to continue onto the rest of the trail, there will be shuttles in this location that will take you back down to your car.

P1000348 (2)
The halfway point, where lunch is served

At numerous points there will be portable potties and water available.  At the end of this trail, there will be more food available and shuttles waiting to pick you up and take you back to the main parking lot!

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This is a great challenge for any hiker but it can be especially rewarding for beginning hikers to work up to. With practice and determination you can hike the entire length of South Mountain.

If you have questions feel free to contact us and I can try my best to answer your questions.

For more information and to get the link to register click here.

I hope to see you out there!

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