Phoenix’s Monsoon Season

The monsoon season officially kicks off this Saturday, June 15th. So, after you read this… grab an umbrella and throw it in your car. You know if you don’t…you’ll be cursing yourself for not remembering this.

The Monsoon Season is caused when their is too much humidity in the air. It causes our weather to have these extremes outbursts.

Some conditions that can happen during a Monsoon include:

Monsoon Storms

  • Storm Clouds
  • Lighting
  • Heat lighting
  • Thunder
  • Extreme Rain
  • Flash Flooding
  • Dust Storms

The Monsoons usually occur rather quickly and unexpectedly. For this reason, it’s important to make sure you are prepared for this upcoming season.

Car Safety

If driving in a Monsoon Storm:

  • Pull over to a safer area and turn your lights OFF.
  • Keep an extra bottle of water and snacks in your car, in case you’re sitting in delayed or closed off traffic.
  • Do not enter flooded areas!

Hiking Safety

If Caught Hiking While in Storm

  • Find lower ground immediately.
  • DO NOT be on the top of the mountain
  • If necessary, seek shelter under a SHORT tree that is surrounded by other trees(Lighting tends to strike trees that stand alone).
  • Stay away from puddles (water is a conductor for electricity).
  • If hiking with other people, spread out. Do NOT huddle together.
  • Take off all metal (if lighting).
  • Protect eyes and face during dust storm.

It’s also important to know that a typical Monsoon storm will not last that long. So if you are caught in a storm, relax it’ll pass.

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