Mindful Monday Mood

Who else got some rain on Friday night?! That rained cooled everything down and by 5 AM Saturday morning, hikers were scattered everywhere on our Phoenix mountains to enjoy the lower temps.

To lighten the Monday Mood, I thought I would share this HikePhoenix Newsletter with some fun things to start our week off right.

To kick things off, here’s a video of animals, voiceovered by British actors. (The dancing bird is my favorite.)

The Good News

Last week, a bill was passed to phase out the use of harmful fishing nets, in the last place of the United States where it was allowed. Turtle Island Restoration led this fight and finally after 20 years their actions have paid off, saving the lives of marine animals.

Photo by Pixabay on Motivational Monday

And last but not least, let’s get inspired with a Monday Motivational quote:

On Mondays, we have a choice. A choice to dwell and whine on the bad….or look at all the good things that are happening today. Getting up early and going to work, sucks. But, maybe instead of thinking about that, focus on a funny story you heard on the radio, or a smile from a co-worker. Look for the good, and make today a good day.

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