Hiking Trails in Phoenix

Holbert Trail

5 mile round trip hike on South Mountain that intersects with Dobbins Lookout, a popular place to watch the sunset/sunrise.

Ranger Trail

This 3.5 mile hike on South Mountain is a gradual incline up leading to the ridgeline. Offers seclusion and a great workout!

Hidden Valley

This trail is considered easy, but to get there you have to take a Mormon Trail, which is rated medium. This is a short loop trail off of National Trail that is a desert playground. After squeezing (or going around) Fat Man’s Pass where two giant boulders are almost touching each other the trail ends in a naturally formed tunnel upon South Mountain.

Telegraph Pass

While only being 3 miles roundtrip on South Mountain, this trail appears easy at first but keeps increasing with every foot step.

Javelina Canyon

Around a 3 mile roundtrip hike, this trail on South Mountain gradual inclines up along an inner canyon.

Ma Ha Tuak

Located on the West end of South Mountain, this trail an incline up but then mellows back down.

Hotshots & Journey Trail

In a total of 7 miles round trip this trail on Granite Mountain was built in remembrance to the 19 Hot Shots who perished in a wild fire. The Journey trail leads you to fatal area where the man fought their last fire together.

Marco de Niza Trail

This short hike follows along the ridge of South Mountain and is a quick escape and great workout.