Love is in the Valley, the Hidden Valley that is!

Are you looking to spend Valentine’s Day on a romantic hiking adventure this year? I definitely think you should and I know just the spot to go!

Hidden Valley is really secluded and a perfect little romantic trail for Valentine’s Day. It’s a little side trail that branches out of the National Trial on South Mountain. (It’s also known as “Fat Man’s Pass” – which I know doesn’t sound “romantic” but I swear it is!)

To get onto this trail you need to start at the Mormon Trail-head, which is located at 24th Street and Baseline. (From Baseline turn onto 24th St. towards the mountain and you’ll run into the parking lot). Hike the switchbacks of Mormon Trail until you see the signs for National Trail.  I’m not gonna lie getting up Mormon Trail can be a little tough. It does IMG_1137offer great views of the city and lots of big rocks to sit on and relax. Although it is switchbacks and your constantly just going up it begins to flatten out where National is located. Once on National you will follow it awhile until reaching signs for Hidden Valley. Now, the Hidden Valley trail is a loop – so there are two points where the trail meets up with National. We passed the first sign for Hidden Valley and started the Hidden Valley trail where it mentions “Fat Mans”. It’s at this point the real romantic adventure begins!

You dip down into the Valley and are immediately greeted by the Fat Man’s Pass. It’s two huge boulders that are almost touching each other. If you’re lucky enough you may be able to squeeze thru the two rocks. But if not, no worries you can still continue on the trail IMG_1159 (2)you’ll just have to walk around this portion of it. It’s really unique looking that you and your date will enjoy. As you continue on this hike you will see more fascinating areas and great places to sit down and relax.

Personally, I recommend bringing some wine, (they make juice box looking wine cartons now!) some snacks and just enjoy relaxing and exploring the Hidden Valley together.

Happy Trails!

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