Kiwanis Trail

Difficulty Rating:  Easy
Trail Location: South Mountain Park & Preserve – Main Entrance
10919 S. Central Ave.
Directions to Trailhead: After entering the park, continue straight after passing the first and second guard stations. After the second station, as the road dips down, turn left (there will be sign directing you). Follow until you see trail head on your right side.

This is a great trail for beginners and for kids and those just looking for a peaceful stroll through the mountains.

As you begin from the trail-head at the main park entrance, this trail will swiftly move you forward through the canyon and up the mountain towards the paved Summit Road.

In the beginning you will be walking up a few man-made stairs. These stairs are wide and at times are a higher step than a normal stair. But, this is nothing too crazy. Every so often you come across these steps and make it easier to hike up than if they were not there.

At around a half mile, the trail has a bit of a steep incline (again, nothing that is too hard).

Incline at half mile

From this upper section, the path is a dirt trail that is leading you closer into the range. Until reaching the end, this section of the trail is relatively flat.

At around mile 0.6, there are some rocks with Hohokam art. The park has put up a yellow “area closed” sign in front of it, so you need to look beyond that sign and you will spot it on a bigger rock.

As you make your way towards the end of the trail, you come up to another moderately steeper area that will have some more man made steps to walk over. These last few steps will be the biggest steps to walk over in reference to height.

At this ending spot, you will see the paved Summit Road and from here you can continue onto National trail (right across the street) or onto Telegraph Pass (across the street and towards the left). Or if you choose to end here, as you turn around and look over the trail you’ll get a great view of the city skyline right in front of you.

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