June’s Strawberry Supermoon

Tonight, the Phoenix skies will be clear just in time for the Strawberry Supermoon. While this moon will appear larger it won’t necessary be a red “strawberry” color. Instead, it will appear golden.

While this moon peaked earlier this morning, by the time sunset occurs we will see it larger as it appears over the horizon.

Named from Native Americans, who used the June’s full moon as a sign to begin harvesting berries, as this is a time of abundance.

Where to View the Strawberry Supermoon?

Currently, the city of Phoenix is under an excessive heat warning.

Although by the time this moon arises, it may be cool enough to hike to a high spot to take in the view. Any trail with an incline would be good. It doesn’t have to be the tallest point, like Camelback.

As long as your a little higher up and facing East to Southeast, you should be able to see this oversized Strawberry Supermoon.

Drive to Dobbin’s Lookout

Or, if you’re not comfortable hiking in the heat you can also drive up on South Mountain (enter at main entrance) to Dobbin’s Lookout to get a view as well.

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

What is a Super Moon?

When the moon’s orbit is close to Earth, the moon appears larger then normal. When this occurs, it’s known as a Super Moon.

When is the Next Super Moon?

This Strawberry Supermoon is the second supermoon of the year. If you miss it this time, don’t worry. The next Supermoon will occur on July 13th.

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