How to Mentally Survive this Thanksgiving

The Final Countdown has started, and Thanksgiving is upon us! I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving tends to bring up a variety of mix emotions. Excitement, Nostalgia , Hunger, Guilt (for eating so much), Sadness (for those relatives/friends who may not be at the dinner table), Loneliness, Stress and so on and so on.

Who knew that a dinner to celebrate gratitude creates such a mash of emotions? Although, we are complex creatures…

However, the one thing I do know…is that no matter how you may or may not feel this Thanksgiving; movement of the body is the best way to release these feelings giving us mental clarity and peace.

Luckily, in Phoenix…we have access to amazing weather and to amazing hiking trails.

Not sure where to hike this Thanksgiving? Well, look no further I have it covered in our:

Where to Hike in Phoenix This Thanksgiving

Still not convinced hiking is the way to go this year? Check out my passive essay of why you should:

Have a Guilt Free Thanksgiving Feast

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Hiking Etiquette 101

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Holiday Hiking Gear List

Thank YOU!

As we use this time to reflect on being thankful, I want to express my deepest thanks to you. For being a reader. For loving nature. And, for showing up on the Phoenix trails!

Being in Nature is a “Necessity of the Human Spirit”. – Edward Abbey

Happy Thanksgiving Hikers!

Last thing: Don’t be this guy! Do you guys remember this is 2018?

This man from out of town, tried to fit through Fat Man’s Pass on South Mountain…but got stuck instead! Worst nightmare! Luckily, the Phoenix Fire Department was able to rescue him with no injuries. So we can totally laugh at it now!