How to Beat the Heat on Phoenix Trails this Summer

The temperatures are rising and I’m sorry to report…but it’ll only get worse from here. (But, you already knew that.)

Although, just because it’s summer in Phoenix, doesn’t mean that hiking on our trails is impossible.

Here are some suggestions of how to beat the heat this summer.

Hike Early in the Morning

Early morning, is when our temperatures are the coolest. So, set the alarm and plan to get out onto the trails! The best hiking times will be anywhere from before sunrise to about 9 or 10 in the morning.

Cooling Towel

For any Phoenix hiker…a cooling towel is the BEST investment you could ever make!

These towels are designed to hold in moisture. So if you soak the towel in cold water it holds onto the cold water. You can wrap the towel, around your head, neck or wrists as these are body points that triggers a cool down in the system.


Obviously yes, you are hiking in the desert…in the summer. Water is a no brainer. But…you can make your water extremely cold, which will make you feel cooler while out hiking.

I’ve heard from other hikers that they actually take two water packs with them. One of them, they freeze and the other holds just cold water. This way once they are done with the cold water….then they have another cold bag awaiting them.

Also you could partially freeze your water.

This way you’ll have ice chunks that will hopefully keep it cool longer. You just don’t want to run of the risk of having a block of ice, that isn’t melting fast enough for your water intake needs. So if you do decided to freeze your water, make sure you have backup plan!

Who says you can’t have ice cold water on the Phoenix trails?!

As always protect your face and body from the sun. Be sure to hike in some shades, wear a hat and wear sun protective clothing and/or sunscreen.

Happy Summer Hiking!

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