Holiday Hiking Gear List

As Black Friday is quickly approaching you may be wondering what to get the hiker in your life for the holidays. Luckily, Phoenix hikers do not all the winter gear in order to hike our trails but we still do love getting new hiking gear!

Below is a list of options to gift the Phoenix hiker in your life.

Sun Protective Shirts

Every Phoenix hiker, needs a really good sun protective shirt while out on the trail. With having more than 300 days of pure sunshine, we need to ensure we are taking precautions to protect our skin and a sun shirt is the way to go!

What to Look for:

Find a shirt that is breathable and has SPF protection. We get hot while hiking so a fleece shirt or a “warmer” type shirt will be too hot for hiking while out on the Phoenix trails.

Shirt sold by REI

A  long sleeved shirt with a hood and thumbholes is a bonus. A hiker can use the hood to also protect the back of the neck and ears and the thumbholes to protect the tops of their hands.

A Light Weight Sweatshirt

While during the day the weather is sunny and warm but in the mornings and evenings, it gets cold here in Phoenix. For this reason, a good sweatshirt is needed but also needs to be lightweight enough to shove into a daypack while hiking when it gets warmer.

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash


Never underestimate how awesome a good pair of socks can change your hiking experience.

Hikers want a pair of socks that dry fast. As we step in puddles, get caught in monsoon storms, or just simply have sweaty feet; the most important thing is to keep those toesies dry!

Photo by Jake Ingle on Unsplash

Some good brands of hiking socks are; Smart Wool, Darn Tough, and REI brand.

Hiking Daypack

Using a backpack makes hiking so much easier. Inside the backpack, look for a spot where you can place a hydration pack to fill water. There also should be holes for the drinking straw to fit through that comes up out of the pack and around the shoulder.

Having access to water in crucial for hiking, especially in the desert. So, for this reason a backpack where you can store and drink your water from is a need to have piece of gear for any Phoenix hiker.

These backpacks range in price from $100’s to about $20. The point here is that you get what you pay for. A less expensive bag will do the job, however will likely fall apart faster with a lot of wear and tear the more it is used.

Nomadik Box Subscription

Each month the Nomadik Box Subscription sends a themed box with the newest gear and best outdoor gear brands. It’s a great way to test out gear, discover new equipment and also encourages hikers to spend more time outside, while testing out the monthly gear box. According to the website you can customize your options, meaning that they will tailor the box to fit your interest.

Price: Boxes start at 29.99 and are guaranteed to be a $50 in retail value.

Hiking Snacks/Electrolytes

Hydration and replacing calories are essential for hikers, especially in Phoenix. We burn so many calories while hiking, that it’s important to have snacks for energy and salt and electrolytes to replace what we are sweating off..

Thankfully, there are a lot of snacking options, besides the good old fashion trail mix with the off colored M&M’s. Some examples of hiking snacks include: beef jerky, protein bars, candy, granola bars, fruit, and so on.

While, you can find these snacks at outdoor stores, like REI and Big Five but you can also find these in most grocery stores as well. Trader Joe’s also has a lot of unique snacks for hikers.

I’m sure your hiking loved one, would love a basket or box full of snacks and drink options.

Gift Cards

Or if you still don’t know what to do…then a gift card to an outside store is also a good option. REI is my personal preferred outside store, but Target, Big 5, or Amazon is fine too!