Hiking! It’s a Great Excuse!

Hiking, it’s a great excuse to not hang out with bad influencers.

When I first began my weight loss and healthy lifestyle, the beginning part (after the first two weeks) was one of the hardest parts. Once I found my dedication and I was taking the steps I needed to take, it seemed like people in my life tried to derail me off of my track. I wouldn’t say this was intentional I think they just missed me being around.

From happy hour after work on Friday to Saturday night karaoke or Sunday sporting events, my weekend revolved around activities where the majority of people are drinking. For me, this sends me on a downward spiral.

If I drink, I get hungry and then I choose to eat something greasy and fatty. The next morning, I may or may not be hungover. But regardless, I didn’t have the same amount of upbeat energy  as if I didn’t drink the night before.

I know, I could choose not to drink…but for me it’s hard not too in that type of situation. So the solution was to not put myself in that scenario. It was more important for me to become a healthy version of myself versus being in a situation where I was more likely to make unhealthy choices. Which ultimately meant I had to decide not to hang around my usual spots with my buddies.

I tried to nicely explain this to them. They said they understood but then the next week they would ask me to happy hour again and then give me shit for turning them down. Honestly, at first, I felt guilty for not wanting to hang out with them. I felt like I was being a snooty person and projecting an “I’m better than you” type of image. (Although they probably didn’t see it like that but that’s how I felt at the time.)

I don’t think they could completely grasp my decisions to not drink the empty calories. So instead of telling them I was trying to become healthier…I needed an excuse as to why I could not hang out with them.

Immediately, hiking popped into my mind! I love hiking and would always hike at some point during my weekend. But now I decided to tell them that I would be waking up early to hike. This way I could invite them to come with and feel like I wasn’t totally abandoning them.

When I did this, they all stopped giving me shit for not wanting to go out and drink. Instead, it seemed like they understood this reason a lot better. And honestly, I think a few of them were trying to dodge that question of if they wanted to go hiking with me. It also made me responsible for ensuring I woke up early and actually hiked.

Now years later I’m still friends with them all but no longer hang out with them as much. I am a healthier version of myself and I’m still a work in progress. When I do see them, they all complain about feeling fat and wanting to become more fit. Although, you can still find them at the same bars and not out hiking with me. So, it makes me feel better to know that I got out when I did. Instead of complaining, I took some serious action. And that action has completely changed my lifestyle.

So always be cautious about who you surround yourself with. And if you think your friends might be a  bad influencer for you, then start hiking and get yourself out of that situation.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this before? I would love to hear your stories and know that I’m not the only one.

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