Hiking Etiquette Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.


Imagine this scene:

It’s New Years Day and you have decided to get out of the house and onto our beautiful Phoenix hiking trails. The sun is shining. You breathe in the cool crisp air as you walk past a tall saguaro along a narrow dirt trail leading up on an inclined portion. Ahead of you, coming down is are two other hikers, chatting and laughing in conversation. Your mind races for a moment, as you think, “there is no way there is enough room for both of us to pass.”

At this moment, do you know who has the right away? Or what if it is mountain bikers coming down? Would you know then?

If you are unsure of the answers, check out our Hiking Etiquette 101 blog post.

As we are approaching the New Years, many new hikers will be out among our hiking trails, enjoying nature while also getting in some good exercise but most will be unaware of trail etiquette.

Also, please feel free to share these etiquette tips with others, seeing as how the more we all know, the more pleasant hiking experience we all will have.

Stay safe and stay healthy in this New Year

Happy 2021!

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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