Hiking Essentials for Beginners

Thankfully, hiking is one of those hobbies where it doesn’t cost a lot to get started. When testing out your hiking legs it’s important to be prepared and have the essentials covered.

First and foremost, bring water. If you’re brand new to hiking, bring more than what you think you may need. It’s not uncommon for hikers to become dehydrated while out on the trails. So play it safe and bring extra water. Either bring bottles of water or you can invest in a hydration pack. Hydration packs are little backpacks that have a plastic tube of water inside with a straw that comes out of the pack and will rest along the front of your body. This makes it easy to drink while hiking while your hands can be completely free.

photography of a man drinking water

The second essential is a good pair of shoes. You will want to have gym shoes that have good tread on the bottom and are comfortable to wear. You will likely be stepping along rocky terrain and hiking at an incline. If you decide to make hiking your hobby, it might be best to invest in a pair of hiking shoes or boots. But if you’re just starting off make sure the shoes you’re wearing are comfortable.

brown work boots

Thirdly, you will want to protect your skin from the sun. So don’t forget to use sunscreen and bring Chapstick. There’s nothing worse than being deep onto a trail and then feeling that hot burning sensation on your skin. That can definitely ruin your hiking day!

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Be sure to be familiar with the trail and have an idea of what hiking skill level the hike will be. Start off hiking on an easy trail so that you get the feel for it first. I would also recommend doing a trail that is no longer than 2 or 3 miles. This way you don’t become overwhelmed or find it overly challenging.

Most importantly, have fun. Remember hiking isn’t a race. It’s a fun stroll in nature that’s meant to be relaxing and putting you one with nature.

Remember for safety reasons to always tell someone where and when you are hiking and be sure to bring your phone.


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