Hiker’s Beware…

I remember the day me and my sister, Mel hiked to the top of Piestewa Peak. We took this day off from work because we both needed to get onto a mountain and forget about the real world for a while. I remember finding a place to sit at the summit, twisting off the cap of a fruit box size, box of wine and not caring that it expired. While everyone else was working, I was sitting at the top of a mountain, drinking our expired wine and breathing in the view.

Mel and Me
Got the wine and ready to relax!

What I didn’t know at this serene moment…was that my car sitting below us had been broken into. The front passenger door was wide open and pieces of glass were everywhere from my window being shattered. The purses that we had hidden under the numerous re-usable shopping bags had vanished; along with the contents such as our cash, debit and credit cards and other personal items.

BreakIn 7
My broken into car

For the first few days after this crime took place I was so angry at the robber. Clearly it was their fault and they should be punished. But after a few cool down days, I realized that I also was partially to blame.

At the time, I was naïve. I never had anything stolen or broken into before, so I never felt the need to be cautious. But this was a complete wake up call. The fact is I should’ve been a lot smarter.

I now leave my purse at home and take only the essentails. So my drivers license and any money I might need is in my pack. This way my important stuff is along for the ride with me. If I’m hiking right after work, then I’ll put my purse in my trunk, while I’m still in my works parking lot. Also, if you have anything laying out that is worth any value, such as a gps I would put those in your glovebox. Again, do this at another location and not when you get to the trailhead. Doing this at the trailhead, can make you a target because the theft may be watching you. It’s also best to try to find a spot close the trailhead and under a light.

These are all just precautions and things to think about. Hopefully taking these steps will prevent any future car break ins.


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