Helicopter Rescue off Piestewa Peak

If you haven’t seen it already, there has already been one rescue off Piestewa Peak this hiking season.

It seems that this was a 74 year old woman who had a foot or leg injury and had to be lifted off the mountain by helicopter.

Only thing though…the helicopter rescue got a little crazy when the basket she was in began spinning out of control.


Here is the link to see the video

This looks so horrifying! It’s actually hard to watch towards the end as it keeps going faster and faster! 

Seeing as how this week is our Summer Safety Hiking Awareness Week I think this incident is a good reminder for us all to stay safe! Although, an injury can happen to us all regardless of skill level, it is important to know your limits and to have proper attire and gear with us. Check out our blog on Rules for Summer Hiking in Phoenix.

I really hope this woman is okay. I cannot imagine what that was like for her.

Top of Piestewa Peak


  1. A coworker and I would make the walk each day during our 2pm lunch hour.

    May was when we were most likely had to cut our walk short to help someone in trouble. I thought it was odd that this most often happened in May but after thinking about it, I decided that June through mid September was hot enough to obviously be “don’t do this unless you’re VERY careful” while May was “sneak up on you” hot.

    1. I agree, May is a tricky month! Sometimes the weather is perfect and other May days the temps can really get up there!

      1. When the humidity is low and the temperatures are in the low 90F range, folks may not slow down because they don’t realize how how hard their body is working (sweating) to keep cool.

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