Fun Facts about Saguaro Cactuses

If you hike around Phoenix, it won’t be long until the tall and wonderful saguaros start feeling like old familiar friends. As you hike past them, it’s almost as if they are there protecting and silently watching the world around them. I know, this may sound silly but even Native American legends tells us stories of humans transforming into them.  Maybe they were onto something…

Saguaro cactuses define our Phoenix desert landscape and there is so much to learn about them. Below are a few fun facts to know about these lovely giants that hang out on the hiking trails with us.

  • The Saguaro cactus blooms flowers and grows fruit upon the top
  • The flower is Arizona’s state flower

  • This cactus is only found in Sonoran Desert, (Southern Arizona and Western Mexico).
  • They are not endangered but our heavily protected by laws
  • The height can be between 40-60 feet tall
  • They can live up to 200 years!
  • Inside a saguro there are wooden ribs, which can be used as shelter and/or furniture
  • Can weigh up to a ton
  • A rare find is the crested saguaro. This is a type of mutation that occurs and if you see on out in nature, it’s considered good luck!
Crested Saguaro Cactus

So next time you’re hiking along with the saguaros stop and pay attention to those amazing desert plant life which is so silently watching you hike.


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