Four Hiking Injuries in Phoenix

Turning into the trailhead of Telegraph Pass, I was relieved to see a few parking spaces were still open.

During this holiday break, I knew the trail would likely be more crowded than usual. It was the afternoon, so I figured the rush of the morning hikers was coming to an end and I could enjoy some solitude on the trail.

But, as I saw a man in flip flops and a huge family walking in front of me….I knew immediately that out of town visitors were accompanying me on this trail.

Which, honestly is great. I love living in an area where people come to vacation. And it makes me feel so happy to share our unique and beautiful desert landscape with visitors. (I just wish they would protect their feet better when hiking) And thankfully, I know these mountains so well…that I know little secret places that most out of towners don’t hike to. (Which, if you want to know what trail I ended up …just message me.)

So, while it was cold outside, I was still able to find some solitude and relax in nature.

Unfortunately, after reading an article in AZCentral this morning…it looks like a few hikers had some issues.

Hiking Injuries During the Holidays

One man was free climbing Piestewa Peak when he fall 40 feet and knocked himself unconscious. Thankfully, once he awoke he was able to call for help.

A woman on South Mountain, injured her leg and had to be rescued off the mountain, by a “big-wheel” rescue. Meaning that she wasn’t able to shimmy her way down and a stretcher that has a big tire on it had to use to transport her down.

Another woman fractured her ankle in Thunderbird Park and had to rescued with a big wheel stretcher as well.

And the latest injury happened at Tom’s Thumb where a rock climber also injured his leg.

It Could’ve Been Worse

Thankfully, while these injuries may be painful in the moment, nothing more serious occurred to these hikers.

So, while we still have a few more days to enjoy our holiday break lets remain curious and active yet know our limits and have correct hiking gear on as well.

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