Flagstaff’s Museum Wildfire, Affecting Hiking Trails

If you’re planning on escaping the heat and heading to do some hiking in Flagstaff, you may need to re-adjust what mountain to go on.

Over this past weekend, a wildfire, now known as the Museum Fire has broken out, along the popular hiking trails along the Mount Eden area. At this time, it has been determined the fire was caused by a human, although the how is still under investigation. Mount Eldon is located north east of Flagstaff in the Coconino National Forest.

Residents near that area are under an evacuation order to leave the area until further notice. This fire has spread into a 2.8 square mile area that has hiking trails, which are heavily used.  Due to the damage this fire has caused, there is a possibility of flooding occurring, seeing as how the mountain slope has now been transformed.

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