First Full Moon of 2020

Tomorrow night will be the first full moon of 2020, which means now is the time to plan your hiking adventure. There is nothing more thrilling than hiking under the moonlight along our desert mountains, and no better way to start off 2020.

The January full moon is known as Wolf Moon…so who knows, maybe all the coyotes will be out howling extra hard at this one. 

This full moon will be passing through Earth’s shadow, creating a light brownish color upon the surface for a few hours as it rises.

For the rest of the world, this moon will be a lunar eclipse. But for us here in Phoenix and everywhere else in America, we will not be able to see the eclipse.

No bother though, we will still partake in the enjoyment of it with the rest of the world.

So, warm up your vocal chords and let’s hit the trails tomorrow night.

Get comfy in your spot by sunset and then unleash you howls at the big ol’ rising moon of 2020!

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