February Full Moon 2020

Hiking under a full moon is an exuberant feeling.

Rows of silent saguaro cactuses outstretched in a glow of silver light shining down from the black sky. The moon, a glowing crater filled sphere floating overhead illuminates the hiking path creating an enchanting hiking experience.

A full moon has always had folklore to it.

And once you hear the coyote yelps echoing from all directions off the mountain sides, the myths come rushing into your thoughts.

You know, it s silly to believe in werewolves.

It’s silly to believe the moon holds some mythical powers that make animals act strange.

It’s silly to believe in werewolves, right.

I mean, there’s no real proof.


Just in case, you keep your ears a little more open.

Just in case.

If the full moon does hold any powers, it’s the energy we feel tied to it. That energy that makes us look up and gaze upon it with wonder, every single month.

Out on the Phoenix hiking trails that energy feels intensified, feeling more alert and in the present moment.

The February, full moon will be rising up this Sunday, February 9th. Also known as Snow Moon, it has been said this moon will bring in energy, courage and just in time for Valentine’s Day…more passion.

Our ancestors used the moon to track the seasons, which is why this one was given the name, Snow Moon. February was always (and still is) the snowiest month of the year.

Thankfully here in Phoenix, I doubt we’ll see any snow along our trails. In fact, we really have the perfect comfortable conditions to get out and enjoy this upcoming full moon.

So this weekend, spend your evening perched along the mountain tops and watch the magic happen above our heads.

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