Easy Phoenix Hiking Trails

Looking for an easy Phoenix hiking trail? Choose your trail below for information and descriptions. Let the hiking adventure begin!

Beverly Canyon

dusty dirt trail leading towards base of mountain with blue sky behind

Max Delta

dirt hiking trail in desert with mountain in back and cactus on left side

Kiwanis Trail

hiking trail with boulders and cactus

Judith Tunell

paved walkway leading into Phoenix desert with mountain in back

Bajada Trail

black and brown rocks next to a red and green barrel cactus along dirt hiking path

Pass Mtn.Loop

hiking trail with cactus and blue sky

Hole in the Rock

mountain with hole in middle showing sky

Double Butte Loop

wide dirt path leading to red rounded mountains

Butterfield Trail

hiking trail sign intersection with arrows pointing in direction of town

Heading out of town and looking for some easy hiking trails beyond Phoenix?

Beyond Phoenix – Easy Hiking Trails

West Fork Trail

Sedona – 4 miles

across from a shallow creek a rock stair hiking trail leads the way up

Lava River Cave

Flagstaff – 2 miles

girl hiker in cave with headlamp

Looking for more of a challenge?

Moderate Hiking Trails

Hard Hiking Trails