Hiking Trails in Phoenix

Beverly Canyon

At just over 2 miles, this South Mountain trail has a few slithering areas and a few sections of inclines but overall gives beginner hikers a great workout along the Eastern end of the mountain

Kiwanis Trail

3 mile round trip hike on South Mountain, access through Main Entrance

Max Delta

4.5 mile round trip hike on South Mountain, access through Main Entrance.

Judith Tunell

1 mile roundtrip hike on paved path, on South Mountain. Access through Main Entrance behind visitor center. Great for hikers with disabilities or small children

Bajada Trail

7 mile round trip (could also be considered medium due to length) flat trail on South Mountain. Park at 5 Table Trailhead in South Mountain Park and Preserve

Butterfield Trail

4 mile trail in the Estrella Mountains. Will need to pay toll ($7 in 2015) to get into Estrella Mountain Regional Park

West Fork Trail

Located in Sedona, this 4 mile trail follows along Oak Creek and will have 13 water crossings. Be sure to bring hiking sandals or be prepared to get your feet wet! Beautiful views and rated as one of the best hikes within the entire state of Arizona!

Lava River Cave

Go under the ground in Flagstaff and explore the volcanic tunnels created by millions of years ago. Be sure to bring a head lamp!

Gateway Loop

A four mile loop trail in the McDowell Mountain in Scottsdale. A very scenic trail and great for beginner hikers!