Where to Hike in phoenix for wildflowers

“The Earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There’s always been something magical that happens when we get out into nature. Our heart rate lowers, our lungs open up and our minds become clearer. And now, with wildflower season approaching, a new level of magic is about to happen.

The brown and green desert transforms into fields and patches of yellow and orange wildflowers growing out from the dusty desert dirt. Even our cactuses with gnarly thick needles can be seen with the bright orange flowers of purple, orange and white growing out.

As you hike along the trails, the newly awakened bee’s float on by going from flower to flower, only to rest and soak in the sticky pollen. The deeper onto the path, further away from the city and roads, the iridescence hummingbirds flutter in the air defying gravity as they seem to pause in midair for a drink from a flower cup.

From a cold and still winter of hibernating under the ground, the lizards are now awake and above their hiding spaces. Darting from rock to rock as you walk by, activating their unused legs muscles for a summer that will soon be here.

It’s this awakening of nature that makes the human soul feel more peaceful and refreshed than ever before.

Typically, it’s during the end of February to mid-April that you’ll see hikers of all kinds out there enjoying the spring of the desert.

While one can never predict what hiking trails will hold the best wildflowers, (until it’s actually here) below are some hot spots that typically are popular to check out.

Where to Go:

Pinnacle Peak Park – this popular trail is a great introduction for Phoenix wildflowers. During the beginning portion of the trail, there will be signs educating hikers about the desert landscape.

Superstition Mountain – When it rains in Phoenix, the Superstition Mountains gets all the waterfalls, so you know if we’ve had a good year of rain, wildflowers will be popping up along here.

While walking up to the Flat Iron trail yellow Mexican poppies are seen sprouting up creating meadows of yellow and orange petals

McDowell Mountain – Wildflowers can be seen along numerous trails in this range. Again, just depending on the rain fall, depends on where the flowers will be.

Bartlett Lake Area(Tonto Pass Required) This is the Mother Load of wildflowers. While it’s about a 45 minute drive from Phoenix, this area is the place to visit if you are need of a mega dose of wildflower overload.

Any Lake/Water Areas – Anywhere water is likely to flow is the place to go. For instance a hiking trail that dips down into canyons or washes will likely have wildflowers. Not to mention any of the numerous lake areas, like Roosevelt are also going to be great places to see some spring time action.

So, leave your calendars open this year during wildflower season (late Feb – mid April) and get out and enjoy witnessing nature awaken. Because before you know it….the season will change again.

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