Camelback Santa has Returned!

It’s that sweet time of year again, when Santa can be spotted on top of Camelback Mountain. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice…he is bound to bring a smile to your face and hopefully a candy cane in your hand.

However, his Christmas tree brings a lot of controversy.

Every year a group of hikers along with Santa, hike up Camelback Mountain, carrying a Christmas Tree (not an easy task). They place the tree on top of the summit, where Santa sits and waits for hikers to come visit him.

In the past, other people have brought items along to decorate the tree. While it looked festive, it was technically breaking the “Leave No Trace Behind” principals.

And, this is the controversy.

It is breaking the Leave No Trace Behind principals but then… is it really breaking them? I mean, it will be removed after Christmas?

It’s a tough call…

In the past years the tree has been thrown off the mountain, only to then emerge back up stronger than ever along the top. Divided hikers were pitted against each other and clearly, the tree did not bring “Joy to All”.

However, this year they are making sure the ornaments will be made out of bird seed, so that everything about the tree is natural. As we get closer to Christmas, we will wait and see how the controversy plays out this year. But for now, it’s been good.

What do you think about this controversy?

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