Beverly Canyon

Beverly Canyon is one of the more easier and gentle hiking trails along South Mountain. It drifts along the Eastern side of the range and follows along the wooden electric poles that run through this section of the mountain. While there are moments where this trail moderately inclines, it still is a very gentle trail.

The Beverly Canyon trail head, located off of 46th street and Baseline is also the same location for the Javelina Canyon hiking trail as well. These two trails are directly across from each other in the parking lot, so if you are facing the lot from the road, the Beverly Canyon trail head will be on the left hand side.

Beginning of Beverly ‘Canyon on South Mountain

As you begin your journey, your heart will get pumping quick on an immediate incline up, but once up this section the trail remains relatively flat (with the exception of the very last portion).

As you approach the utilities poles, you will begin to hear the electricity humming in the wires above you. From a distance, the path looks like it ascents up, going underneath the utility poles. Although as you approach closer, you will see that the trail actually veers towards the right, by passing the incline. Or if you prefer to challenge yourself, than you can follow the path underneath the poles, as it will keep connecting to the trail.

While hiking along Beverly Canyon you may notice that there have been some smaller dirt paths branching off from the right hand side. These are side trails that will lead to the Ridgeline trail which is located high atop of the mountain next to you towards your right. Although, there are no trail markers indicating this, until around 1.2 miles.

After passing this section, you will notice a lot more hikers and bikers out on the trails. This is because the trail is heading towards, the Old Dirt Road which is a popular main route branching from the Guadalupe Trail head, off of 48th Street, that leads to other hiking trails.

 At around 1.4 mile you come to an intersection where the path forks. There is a sign directing you to follow the path to the right. The trail slightly dips down into a wash and then head back up. At this point, the trail markers disappear for a while, but you will just keep following the route.

This trail will also intersect with the Marco de Niza trail. There are no markers indicting where they intersect with each other, but it occurs about 50 feet before the trail slopes down towards the base of the mountain.

This area where the trail descends down to the base of the mountain, is the last portion of the trail. This decent down is steep, so if you plan on going back up this section you may find it difficult. But if you’re in decent shape, you will not have any issues going back up this section.

The Beverly Canyon trail ends at the bottom of the mountain where Desert Classic is located. (Desert Classic is a completely flat and long trail that goes along the eastern side of South Mountain.)

This ending location is a little bland, since it is on the bottom of the mountain and doesn’t offer any glorious views. But, as you turn around and head back towards the parking lot of Beverly Canyon trail head, you will see a remarkable view of the surrounding mountains in the background including Tempe’s “A” Mountain.

For the most part, this is a great beginner’s trail or just if you’re looking for something easy to do. Beverly Canyon links with different trails and is a great trail to also jog on.

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