Best Hiking Trail in Phoenix After a Monsoon Storm

With last nights rain, I was feeling excited about the thought of hiking after a good rain storm. Needless to say, we got a little rain but not enough to produce the waterfalls that can be found after a good monsoon storm.

But, I can feel it in my bones that a good monsoon storm is on it’s way!

So before it actually happens, I want to share my favorite hiking trail to hit up after a good Monsoon storm.

Holbert Trail is a moderate 5 mile hike that leads up the northern edge of South Mountain.

In the beginning the washes along the route may be flowing at full force, causing you to cross it’s watery path. The payoff for wet feet is small compared to the amazing sounds and sights of the flowing water.

The trail begins to take you up and along a canyon, which is were you will be able to find a few small waterfalls, after a good rain. As water streams down the canyon you will not only be able to see it, but also hear the sound of rushing water, which is a rare treat to discover.

After a good rain, water trickling down the mountain forms small waterfalls along South Mountain

So, once this big monsoon storm finally hits up, make sure to grab your pack and go explore the hiking trails after a rain and see what you can discover.

Here is a link for more information about Holbert Trail

Do you have a favorite trail to hike after a good monsoon?

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